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Bad Credit Car Finance

Bad Credit Car Loans in Halifax

Most people that have less than perfect credit dread the time when they have to go car shopping. When people are looking for a new car, they usually spend a lot of time searching through the dealership’s inventory, researching the vehicle, and then test driving it to ensure that it is the perfect car for them. However, putting all of that time and energy into something, only to be told “no” in the end, can be very disheartening and even make it to where that person no longer wants to even try to get a car out of fear of rejection.

At Zacks Auto Sales, we understand how frustrating the car buying process can be for someone with bad credit. That is why we do everything in our power to make sure that no matter what the customer’s credit score is, they can still pick out and drive away in their dream car with no added stress or worry.

There are several reasons why someone’s credit score may be below average. These reasons may include:

  • Loss of employment
  • Sudden death in the family
  • Unexpected expenses
  • A sudden illness that causes a person to take time off of work

These unfortunate events can happen to anyone at any time, but it does not mean that the person is untrustworthy or unable to make a car payment. People that live in Halifax rely on their vehicle to do almost everything like going to work, doing the grocery shopping, and other important things that must be done in order to survive. Having unfortunate events that have happened in a person’s past should not stop them from being able to own a car and running some of life’s most important errands now.

Financing Options for Customers with Bad Credit

A lot of times, when someone has bad credit or no credit, they assume they will have to pay an extremely high-interest rate in order to get approved for a car loan. However, at Zacks Auto Sales, we have interest rates that start as low as 4.99% and are committed to working with you in order to find you the perfect car for your budget.

So if you are looking for a used car dearler that offers bad credit auto loans in Halifax, Zacks Auto Sales is your best bet!

No Application is Refused

To some banks, having no credit will put a person in the “high risk” category when trying to get a loan. We, however, have more understanding standards for our customers and welcome anyone with good credit, bad credit, or even no credit.

At Zacks Auto Sales, we make applying for a used car loan in Halifax quick and easy. We have an online application that allows our customers to get approved for a loan before they even get to the dealership, which makes the entire car-buying process an even more convenient and stress-free experience.

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