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Many new vehicles depreciate as much as thirty percent after just one year and another ten percent over the next two years. Smart shoppers often score huge discounts by purchasing a used vehicle. Plus, thanks to an overall higher level of initial quality, a well-maintained vehicle may deliver the same driving pleasure to the second and even the third owner, as it did to the first. However, because finding the right dealer is just as important as finding the perfect used vehicle, here’s a rundown of things to look for in a dealer when buying a used vehicle.

A Dealer That Finances

Any reputable dealer will offer to finance on the spot. An established car dealer should be able to do a credit check and have several financing options ready before most buyers finish a test drive.

A Free CarProof Report

The comprehensive and reliable vehicle history reports provided by the CarProof report provides Canadian residents with tremendous peace of mind. Dealers who stock quality vehicles will be more than happy to provide a free CarProof report.

A Dealer with a Comprehensive Website

Emotions tend to take over when people start browsing the lot. Budgets go out the window and wants replace needs. A dealership that lists all of their vehicles, along with prices, photos and pertinent details for each lets shoppers come prepared to find the vehicle that best suits their needs and budget.

A Dealer with Good Reviews

Before the internet, buyers relied on word of mouth recommendations to find an honest and reliable used car dealer. Thanks to the internet, however, today’s shoppers hold a huge advantage when it comes to where to buy.

A Dealer That Has Roots in the Community

Community involvement says a lot about a local business. Companies that get involved realize many benefits and hold a deeper loyalty to their customers.

A Dealer Who Has Been in Business for a While

Being new isn’t automatically a bad thing. After all, everyone starts somewhere. But, when it comes to buying a used vehicle, longevity means a lot. It means the dealer stands behind what they’ve sold in the past, and are likely to do the same in the future.

Why Buy from Zack’s Auto Sales?

Zacks Auto Sales has been Truro’s number one used car dealership for over fifteen years now. Their handpicked inventory consists of only the finest used vehicles. Some other great reasons to buy from Zacks are:
• On the Spot Financing – Zacks has plans and options to fit every need and budget. They work with a variety of banks, leasing companies, finance companies, and credit unions.
• A Comprehensive Website – Their current website lists every vehicle on the lot. Each listing includes a detailed vehicle description, numerous photos, a short video, and most importantly – a free CarProof report.
• Great Reviews – The verdict is in, and people love Zacks Auto Sales. As one Google reviewer put it “Zacks was absolutely amazing to deal with they did everything they could do to get us the vehicle we wanted at a great price.”
Together, a strong commitment to their customers, the community, and to selling only the finest used vehicles, makes Zacks Auto Sales Central Nova Scotia’s number one pre-owned used car dealer.